Vanamitra & Airport Wildlife Management

Across the World, rapidly increasing Air Travels and correspondingly increasing fleet of Aircrafts, frequency of flights and new flight routes, Flight operations have been coming into serious conflicts with various kinds of Birds resulting in Bird Strikes which are fatal for the varied species of Birds and can be causing damages damage to the Aircraft resulting in fatality.

Vanamitra with its extensive experience in Wildlife Conflicts Management and Wildlife Management has been supporting Airports to assess the threats as per ICAO & FAA guidelines and Control the Conflicts through appropriate Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard Management (BASHM) solutions which are scientific as well as eco friendly.

Vanamitra’s expertise in Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard Management is recognized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and has been empanelled as a member of the National Bird Control Committee (NBCC). Vanamitra is also a member of the World Bird Strike Association (WBA).

The Vanamitra Team has more than two decades of experience in Wildlife Research, Wildlife Conflict Management, Education & Training, Ecological Studies etc. pertaining to varied species of Wildlife, Avians, Mammals or Reptiles. The Team possesses a comprehensive understanding about the Ecology and Behaviour of Wildlife as well as extensive experience in solving thousands of Human/Wildlife Conflict Situations. The team comprising Researchers, Taxonomists, Biologists, Wildlife Managers etc. brings a multi-dimensional and wholesome approach to our works with Wildlife as well as Habitat Management.

Vanamitra, with its experience in Wildlife Study & Management has lent support to Airports such as the Kempegowda International Airport Limited, Bangalore, Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad and Chennai International Airport in Bird Management, identifying / assessing Hazards due to Wildlife in their Airport, drawing up a comprehensive Bird Strike / Wildlife Strike Hazard Management/Mitigation Plan in compliance with the ICAO & FAA guidelines.

Vanamitra’s Team is led by an Airport Wildlife Management Professional trained and certified by the concerned Airport Wildlife Management Authority in the Government of USA recognized and partnered with FAA. He has more than 15 years of experience in Managing & Mitigating Wildlife Conflicts.

The team is further strengthened and augmented by professional BASHM experts including Ornithologists with specialization in Airport Wildlife Management from India, Europe and USA who have proven track record in managing and mitigating Bird as well as Wildlife Strikes in Airports across the world.