Star Tortoises

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Star Tortoise Rescue
















Indian Star Tortoises are victims of a big racket of poaching for their shells and dubious medicines to cure all sorts of secret illnesses. These star tortoises adult and young alike are poached from their natural habitats to only be exported to South East Asian and other countries only to meet with a cruel fate ending up in restaurants or curios shops or fake medicine outlets.

 These star tortoises are usually dumped into boiling hot water or oil to be killed in the most cruel manner only for their shells to be extracted to décor walls and their meat to be eaten or for their body parts to make dubious medicines.

 In Bangalore, Karnataka, we got 468 such Star Tortoises, kept in one single gunny bag inside a house nearer to the Bangalore International Airport, only to be exported soon. Forest department got a whiff of the same and surrounded the house of the suspect and found the gunny bag in the house. The suspect himself was arrested later while the star tortoises were in the custody of the forest department. Vanamitra had undertaken the role of rehabilitation of these severely dehydrated and choked star tortoises.

 We had released all of them out of the gunny bag, many of them very tiny young ones, set them free on a sand bed and hydrated them well with sufficient water and provided them with food with support from the local forest department staff.

These star tortoises after being rehabilitated were released by the forest department in a suitable safe haven.

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