Nature Camps!

Spreading awareness about wildlife and nature conservation amongst people of all age, social group and class has been the main focus of Vanamitra right from its inception.

There is no better place to educate and make people aware about wildlife and environment than the lap of mother nature!

Vanamitra Nature Camps are designed for the sole purpose of introducing enthusiasts to the field of wildlife conservation by giving a brief outline of the issues faced on the field by wildlife and the jungles for their very survival and how we as humans can do our small bit to help conserve instead of destroy.

The camp, which is a mixture of both indoor presentation and outdoor activities, is a lot of fun and very educational at the same time. Camp participants are brought face to face with the challenges faced by the Forest Department and their staff in protecting our forests and thought provoking discussions often tend to bring a change in the lifestyle of many which in turn reduces their carbon footprint!

The underlying principle behind conducting Nature Camps is not just to trek up a hill and come back! The basic idea of the camp is to take you away from your busy and hectic schedule and help you connect back to nature in the midst of cascading jungles where the only sounds you hear are that of a Malabar Whistling Thrush calling to his mate or a Spotted Deer giving out alarm calls on spotting a Leopard or a Malabar Giant Squirell busily munching away on some fruits!

The camp is ideally suited for those of you who are looking to break away from your monotonous activities and get involved in something meaningful with a small group of like minded friends.

The camps are usually conducted one weekend a month in different forest habitats across the state. Our monthly camps are open to anybody above 18 years of age.

Vanamitra identifies the need to bring up children in a pro conservation environment and mindset right from the early age and hence we also conduct childrens camp during summer and other school holidays where we have children experience first hand whatever they read in the books about Eco Systems and Food Chain. On field examples help them better relate to the science they study in school and bring in a perspective of nature conservation into their day to day life. Children are also often exposed to career options in the field of Nature and Wildlife Conservation in order to broaden their horizon.

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Hoping to see you soon!!

Pictures from Our Camps: