Get Involved

Vanamitra provides the following 3 opportunities for any interested person to get involved with us:

1. Volunteering:
Vanamitra has a host of projects that are currently running. We are constantly on the look out for like minded people who can work with us. Volunteering opportunities are plenty as long as you are inclined towards the cause of conservation.

As a volunteer of Vanamitra, you don’t necessarily have to rescue snakes or jump on crocodiles if you don’t want to!

You can utilize your unique skills and talents to promote the larger cause of wildlife conservation through Vanamitra. Or if you have any specific project or an idea in mind that you would like to carry out, we could also provide an excellent platform for you to implement that!

It could be weekends, holidays or evenings after work. There is always time to be a Vanamitra! Just write to

2. Memberships: Don’t have time to volunteer? No problem. You can still support Vanamitra by being a member. As a member of Vanamitra, you will get regular updates about our activities, events and upcoming programs. Also you will get a chance to participate in select workshops that is conducted by Vanamitra from time to time. To secure a membership form for yourself, please email us at with “Membership” in the subject line.

3. Internships: We invite interested people to work full time with us for a fixed duration on a project of your choice or projects where we need more hands and minds. Internship opportunities are plenty for people of all backgrounds and any educational qualification. Internship can be in any field right from Public Relations to Content Design to Corporate Communication. If interested in interning with us, please get in touch with us at with “Internships” in the subject line.