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Suresh got a call from a guy saying that there is a squirrel baby which was found. Suresh told him to check for the nest or observe for the mother and try to re-uinte the baby with its mother. On that evening the same person called and said that he could find neither the mother nor the nest and brought the baby squirrel to Suresh. After seeing the baby suresh called me and said it is a very small baby and can u take care of him. I said ok and took him under my shelter. He was a very tiny guy may be hardly 10 days old. First I prepared milk for him and for few minutes he was not able to drink the milk properly.  But hunger made him to learn to drink the milk from the filler.

A warm bed/nest was made with cotton, coir and cloth and once he was left in there he jumped into it and burrowed himself beneath that. Once in every 1½ to 2 hours he used to make “keech keech “ sound saying he was hungry and he was fed promptly. Days passed and he began to take his food from filler to spoon and later he was introduced to fruits, nuts and grains. Slowly he started to explore the place, climbed walls and jumped from his nest to wall. It was amazing to see a small creature learning his survival tricks all by himself.  At first for 10 days he was left inside a room and he started using his skills of jumping, climbing and hiding very well. Later he was introduced to his real world of plants and trees. Initially he never went too far but just managed to go out for few steps. Even for some small movements he became alert and started running inside. This happened several times and hence his food was kept outside. He initially used to go out, grab the food, come inside and finish it and repeated the sequence.

Meanwhile he started to observe the plants, trees and slowly went near them and started exploring.  For first time he saw another squirrel, so he ran a bit and started observing him. Then both of them exchanged few words and later he ran inside. This happened quite often and now he started going out on his own and started mingling with other squirrels and I saw him playing with them jumping and running over the branches of trees . Now he started to live his life and I also made least interventions. The quantity of the food was decreased so that he can find food from his natural sources and as a result I saw him feeding on nuts from a nearby coconut tree.

First time he encountered his predator, The Cat.

I heard a huge noise of screech and went out to see what was that. A cat was trying to catch him… he was on the wall but jumped on the ground and the cat started to chase him. He didn’t have any option but to run fast until the edge of the wall and jumped to the nearby coconut tree. He landed successfully on the bark of the coconut tree and went on the top of the tree. It was a Spider man’s jump which I couldn’t believe as the leap was more than 20 feet. Now I realized that he is ready to be on his own and stopped feeding him and closed the entry to the room where he was entering. That evening he came and saw that his entry was closed and started making sounds. I didn’t give any attention to his complaints and after sometime he went back to the tree and disappeared.

From that day he rarely enters the room if he sees the door open. Now he has become smart. Even if I am there, he will not care for me and moves freely. If he finds other people, he will hide himself, stealthily takes whatever  food he can lay his hands on and disappears in seconds.

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  • About a couple of year’s back (sometime in 2001 -02 ) , due to corporation & neighbor’s problem, we had to cut down our coconut tree, on such a day i found a nest with 2 baby squirrel’s , couple of days old , not even opened its eyes. (I went ahead and named it Ram & Sham) . I dint have a clue what i was supposed to do with them.
    Finally put it a basket, took it to my room, poor little creature’s .For the next 2 days i somehow managed to take care, dint know what to feed, how to look after nothing … got hold of an ink filler and started feeding milk .One baby used to drink, the other refused each time i tried, on the 3rd day morning, to my horror, i see one baby dead! .
    I heard some squirrel’s calling, i took the little one (was in a very bad state)near the coconut tree, an adult squirrel spotted it, but it heisted to pick this guy up.
    Gaush i was not able to re- unit this one too, it too passed away.
    To this day i think of Ram & Sham whenever i see a squirrel , brings a tear in my eyes … 

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