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Around this time of the year, we get a lot of snake rescue calls most of which are baby cobras as they begin to hatch from their eggs and seek new places to shelter themselves and go looking for food. We’ve rescued baby cobras everywhere from inside a TV to inside a post box to underneath kitchen sinks!

Couple of days back, we got another frantic call from a person who was riding his bike along tumkur road and suddenly saw a baby cobra come out from behind the speedometer of the bike, slide over his hand and go back behind the speedometer again! The shock he would have got is imaginable. :-)

He immediately got off his bike and called Vanamitra. We rushed to the spot within minutes of his call. When we reached there, there were no less than about 50-60 people staring intently at the bike and making all sorts of weird noises to try and “lure” the snake out.

We requested the people around to maintain silence and keep a safe distance from the bike and give us enough working space. Amongst the crowd was a mechanic who came forward to help us by dis assembling the front part of the bike so we could rescue the snake. So, the mechanic removed the headlight and the meters and there was the baby cobra sitting tight by wrapping himself around a few wires.

We carefully picked up the fellow and put him in a small cotton bag and released him in a nice wooded area nearby.

I couldn’t tell who heaved a bigger sigh of relief, the bike rider or the baby cobra.

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