Tribal & Rural Citizens in villages around forest areas

While citizens in the urban areas face conflicts with smaller wildlife, people in rural areas especially the ones around forest areas, are the ones who encounter conflicts with Wildlife both Large and Small on a regular basis. Not only is the issue about incursion of wildlife into human territories but also, the incursion of villagers into the forest areas for their day to day requirement of firewood and collection of Minor Forest Produce in large quantities.

 Such interventions by villagers also are for regular hunting of wildlife for their own regular consumption but also for other ritualistic hunting, including hunting for supply to interested people from other cities/towns/villages as a business.

Such acts while it may seem harmless on the top, often results in large scale disturbance to the wildlife and forests at large. The problem lies in the fact that, villagers don’t seem to comprehend the short and long term effects of their interference in the natural ecosystem. Vanamitra has a single large scale mission of educating the villagers in the forest areas about the same.