Police, Civil Defence, Home Guards, Fire and Emergency Services









During times of calamities, Natural disasters, its not just humans who get battered in the fury of Nature. Many wildlife, small & big scramble to get to shore or to some place of safety, get some water to drink or some food to eat… there were cases reported during a flooding where along with water that flooded, there were many snakes that got washed up into houses and they holed up into almirahs and cupboards.

People who went to rescue people, killed these snakes which have taken refuge for safety, considering them as threats. There have been times when young animals get washed off away from their mothers and might end up in the hands of humans where the need would be to provide right care and protection until they can be relocated to a suitable place.

Home Guards, Civil Defence and policemen are some of the key people in state who find themselves as the first line of officers who are faced with disaster management be it natural or man-made.

While the government trains officers in disaster management, Vanamitra has taken it upon themselves to train the above said officers in disaster prevention. Based on a permission given by the Director General of Police,

Vanamitra trains all the batches of officers in the same.

Vanamitra has educated and sensitized thousands of people including Civil Defence, Home Guards, Police, Fire Services, Indo Tibetan Border Protection Force personnel(ITBPF) etc. on critical topics such as the nature of disasters, disaster prevention and also animal management during disaster situations etc.

There have been cases when these trained staff have later on resolved Human/Wildlife conflict situations based on the trainings provided by Vanamitra.