Wildlife Rescues

The ever growing human population and the never decreasing individual needs have been directly and adversely affecting our Natural Resources. We have been taking away much from the environment depriving all other beings dependent on the very same resources and creating a great imbalance in our sensitive ecosystems. Space is one such precious resource.

With the constant need for more space, we have destroyed many precious pristine habitats to build plush cities and towns thus not only having created a big imbalance in the ecosystems but also deprived the wildlife of much needed critical habitats. This constant encroachment of humans into wildlife territories have resulted in decimation of wildlife populations and large number of Human/Wildlife Conflicts.

Wildlife that comes into such conflicts are predominantly misunderstood to have encroached into their area by local people and thus get a very cruel treatment in their hands, most often leading to fatality of such innocent wildlife. Other times, such wildlife might get injured and might die without proper care and attention.

As a solution, Vanamitra has been working to create awareness in people on the nature of such conflicts and bring a right understanding that the animal is not in our place but instead, we have taken over the place of the animals, in most cases. We try and ensure that the local people understand and let go of the wildlife that came into conflict while maintaining safety of everyone present.

We also intervene in such conflict situations if need be and ensure primarily the protection of the wildlife and also the humans around that place by specific rescue operations.

Such wildlife, rescued from conflict situations with humans are released safely back into their suitable habitats closest to the area where they were found in the first place, with due enrollment and support from people of the local communities.

Since such conflicts happen everywhere and we cannot be omnipresent we try and identify, train and authorize genuine people for such rescue operations in the state and bring them all together under one umbrella for smoother rescue operations.

More importantly, this helps to build a strong and reliable emergency rescue network so that any wildlife emergency in the state is attended to as soon as possible.

Some wildlife rescues stories are presented below.
Star Tortoise Rescue (Click picture for full story)


Indian Python - Rescued From Kerala over a Phone call (Click picture for full story)

A Slender Loris Rescued from the outskirts of the city. (Click picture for full story)











A Jungle Crow rescued after he got entangled in a glass power laden thread about 50 feet off the ground. (Click picture for full story)














A Leopard Cub Rescued after his mother was shot dead by poachers (Click for full story)




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