Wildlife Rehabilitation

Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation is a major part of Vanamitra’s works. As and when the work related to rescues snowballed into a large scale project, volunteers of Vanamitra would encounter injured and or misplaced animals and birds which would need medical care and rehab before being released back into the wild.

Below are a few examples to depict the kind of rehabilitation work done:

Monitor Lizards rescued from illegal wildlife trade to be rehabilitated and released back into the wild…

A Jackal rescued from a house where 
he was being kept as a pet – now in rehab center..Read More






468 Star Tortoises rescued from illegal wildlife trade - 
now in rehab.

Leopard rescued as a cub from the hands of poachers -
now in big cat rehab center

To know more, read about our State wide Wildlife Rescue Network and check out the Blog section to read our rescue+rehab stories.