Support to Field Staff of Forest Departments

The field staffs are the back bone of the success of any project of the Forest department, manning the forests rich with natural resources both in the day and in the night.

Such forces need constant support both technical and material in order to face the various challenges they face at their demanding jobs in adverse conditions in the field.

Vanamitra has been providing technical support in terms of training/educating and making aware of the field staff on various technical matters related to wildlife, under the support and supervision of their Senior Officers, in co-ordination with the Forest department.

Wherever need be, Vanamitra also has through support from volunteers and other interested people, attempts to bring some amount of material support in terms of equipments or gear etc.

Vanamitra constantly tries to highlight the working conditions and the adverse situations they face in the field during their duty to the common public and try and generate moral support for these staff from the general public, which not only boosts the morale of the field staff but also brings a right understanding in the minds of the public about the nature of job of these field staff and what they have to deal with on a day to day basis thus creating more synchrony and harmony.