State Wide Wildlife Rescue Network

In the State of Karnataka, there are innumerable people who love wildlife and are very passionate about rescuing these animals from places and situations of distress. However not all of them are well equipped or have sufficient knowledge in handling wildlife appropriately and in a safe manner.

Also there is a lack of co-ordination amongst these rescuers which often results in very haphazard mode of operations where more than one rescuer ends up in the same place to rescue the same animal. This generates a lot of wastage in terms of time and money.

Vanamitra is working to identify, recognize, train and authorize genuine rescuers in the state and bring them all together under one umbrella for smoother rescue operations.

More importantly, this helps to build a strong and reliable emergency rescue network so that any wildlife emergency in the state is attended to as soon as possible.

A single Emergency Rescue Helpline, connected to rescuers throughout the state, is being established by Vanamitra so that any wild animal distress can be attended to in the shortest time possible by a qualified, experienced and authorised Wildlife Rescuer.

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For any Wildlife Rescues, please do contact Vanamitra on the following numbers: