Sparrows Conservation

Sparrows in Bangalore

Sparrows they say have more or less disappeared from the city limits of Bangalore. All of us have been constantly bombarded with news about the “Chirp” missing from our neighbourhood which sets in a sense of despair amongst the citizens. We have also heard various reasons for the same ranging from radiations from mobile towers to lack of greenery.

 Whilst some of this may be true, Vanamitra decided to take up a small task of checking the actual status of sparrows in the city through a simple survey.

Span over a period of few days, members of Vanamitra took to the streets and scanned the skies, the ground and the tree cover for signs of life of sparrows.

At the end of it all, to our great pleasure, we discovered that although less in number, a substantial population of sparrows do exist very much inside the city!!

A little more work done in the same direction, confirmed what we already knew; that a little bit of water, some grains to eat and a simple place of shelter is all that is needed to accommodate our chirpy friend in our own neighbourhood.

Vanamitra, true to its mission of involving the common man in wildlife conservation, embarked upon a mission to enthuse citizens to prepare a small setup either in their own house or any safe place in their neighbourhood, which would include a bird feeder and a nest box.

This campaign by Vanamitra generated positive response by citizens across a few areas of Bangalore, who got in touch with us to procure said bird feeders and nest boxes. Members of Vanamitra helped them setting up the same and we waited for the birds to come.

It took a few days time yes, but finally the sparrows arrived!!

This was conclusive evidence that the system works!

Hence, with an intention to further progress in the same line, we urge more and more people to get in touch with Vanamitra to procure the bird feeders and nest boxes through us and we’ll help you set it up in your house!

You can write to Vanamitra at and request for the same.

In view of involving the common man in conservation, Vanamitra also conducts Nature Camps for adults as well as children further info about which can be sought by writing to the same address.