Bio-Diversity Studies

 Science is at the core of Vanamitra’s various conservation works, be it modern or ancient. It is an essential part of our works to get our data, analysis and necessary but relevant processes well in place to ensure desired results in our key projects.

Vanamitra has a team of consultants and advisors who are doctorates, experts in their own fields of research. These team of experts guide Vanamitra in its various Biodiversity studies, impact assessments etc. to get the facts right on ground realities and device right methodologies to produce the right results in our projects such as Ecological Restoration, Species conservation, Hazards or Conflicts Assessment & Mitigation  etc.

Vanamitra, along with such researchers from reputed institutions such as Indian Institute of Science Bangalore and GKVK Bangalore, have successfully completed Bio-Diversity Studies in Bangalore, Karnataka as well as in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.