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Snake rescue from a well of 50 ft depth in K.R.Puram

Nov 28, 2007   //   by van   //   Featured  //  No Comments

7:30 PM we got a call from a security guard from an apartment in K.R.Puram. He said there is a snake which had fallen inside a well 3 days ago and many people including rescuers and Fire Services personnel tried to rescue it but couldn’t rescue.

Although it was 7:30 PM we decided to go and immediately instead of waiting till morning. When we reached the spot it was 8:40 PM and we met that security guard Ravi who showed us the well and with the help of torch light we spotted a snake lying down without moving and we saw a small rope was inserted inside the well when asked what it was for, he said he felt the snake must be hungry and he is feeding milk to it by a plate tied to the rope.

We explained him that the Snake doesn’t drink milk and it can affect its digestive system, but appreciated his concern for caring for the snake, then we pulled the plate up and the snake got disturbed and raised its hood showing its identity as “Spectacled Cobra”, which is starved, disturbed. We didn’t know about injuries it would have had when it fell from more than 50 feet.

Slowly crowd started to gather and they were speaking to themselves how people are trying from 3 days and no one did anything and when they saw us with only a snake hook and no other equipments they said even these guys will not be able to do anything.

We planned out the Rescue. We needed a Long stick and a piece of rope and Ravi arranged them within no time from a construction site nearby. Meanwhile we asked for some more torches and they were arranged by the crowd.  Ravi brought long sticks and some ropes, we selected the sticks and tied them to each other and end of the stick was tied with a Snake hook. A bucket was taken and tied to another rope and a torch was tied to one more rope and the operation began: We started leaving the torch first and then left the snake hook inside and we made it to reach the bottom of the well. Then sumanth started to leave the bucket and slowly the snake was handled. For first few minutes the snake was busy moving very fast showing its anger, after sometime we managed to get the snake inside the bucket. Half the work is done, now the challenge is to taking him out as early as possible, making sure that he will not fall from the bucket to the well again.  All the people were praying that it will come out safely.

Now the plan was one guy will hold the snake hook on the top of the bucket and make sure the snake will not move from it and both the guys have to pull the bucket and Snake hook at the same time, and we moved the crowd away from the place, but some people said they have seen enough snakes and they are not afraid of them and they didn’t moved from that place.  We thought let us do our work and started pulling the bucket and Snake hook and within no time the snake was out and after seeing the land it moved very fast with ferociously and whomever were standing there ran crazily. We managed to stop the snake and fastly removed the Snake hook from the Sticks and took him to the safe area, there was a great applause by the crowd and everyone was happy especially Security Guard Ravi who struggled for 3 days contacting different people. We asked him to close the well’s opening so that nothing like this will happen again in future. Within half an hour the rescue operation was successfully completed. We saw the snake was bleeding from his mouth as for the last 3 days whenever he was disturbed he was hissing loud and striking hard to the ground as a defensive measure and got injured in his mouth. He was bagged and taken to the rehab center and after getting recovered from his injuries he was released in the same area.

When spotted, it is necessary to keep an eye on where the snake is but also important to leave a snake alone and not disturb in anyway. Either the snake will move away or will sit tight until a rescuer arrives.  If we disturb, the snake can either harm itself or anyone who disturbs, in the process of trying to defend.

It is important to ensure crowd doesn’t gather in that place, as any mishap can happen when a curious crowd gathers. Some might throw stones and hurt or kill the snake. Some might get bitten in the process of trying their hand at capturing the snake. Some might cause others to get bitten through their wild ideas. Some might make the snake move into inaccessible areas thus making the rescue process very difficult.

When you spot a snake in your home, make sure you are away at a safe distance of atleast 15 feet and yet keep a track of where the snake is at any point in time.  Never provoke the snake. Never block its way out. Call for help from either the Police or Fire Services or any local Wildlife welfare organization.

Usually, it is important that the snake is only taken out of your compound and let go off its way. It is not advisable to pack off the snake to some distant place unless and otherwise the rescuer decides to do so for some valid reason such as heavy development in that area and rapid loss of habitat etc.

Remember, a snake in your area, assures you safety from Rodents and many more smaller snakes.