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Lucky Loris

Jun 17, 2010   //   by admin   //   Featured  //  2 Comments

A truck driver on his way to Bangalore in the night saw two pairs of eyes shining in the middle of the road. He immediately parked the truck, got down and went to investigate only to find 2 slender loris’ (Kaadu papa in Kannada).

One of them moved away into the nearby bushes immediately. The other one was trying to move but could not. The truck driver slowly rolled over the loris and saw a very bad injury on one of its hind legs. He immediately picked it up and brought it to Bangalore and gave a call to Vanamitra. We rushed to the spot and picked up the loris from him.

The loris is now under rehab and is being treated for the injury and will be released back into the same spot once he is fine. The efforts of the truck driver needs to largely appreciated in this case. Day in and day out we see road kills on highways for which truck drivers are largely responsible. For a change it was nice to meet one responsible driver. In fact the driver calls us everyday and says “Henge ide sir namma papa?” (“How is OUR loris?”) :-) Saving the life of a loris has inspired him so much that he now wants to become a volunteer of Vanamitra and help Wildlife as much as he can.

Thats real conservation for me.

A Crow and A Kite

Jun 16, 2010   //   by admin   //   Featured  //  2 Comments

Crow Rescue In VasanthnagarA kite had got stuck in the tree and the string was hanging down. A Crow got itself entangled in the string. These strings are usually lined with glass pieces. The harder the crow struggled, the deeper the string cut into its wing. One wing of the crow was wound up in the string and the rest of its body was just hanging down from that. It was stuck like this overnight. Next morning concerned citizens around called Vanamitra. When we reached the spot, we tried various methods to cut the string and bring the crow down. We couldnt reach the crow as it was a great height. Then Jai remebered seeing some road work happening couple of roads parallel to the road we were on and also recollected seeing a JCB there. We went and requested the crane operator to come over and help us out by lifting us up to which he thankfully agreed. So here we are Jai, a crane operator and myself standing in that huge bucket of a JCB and going up to reach the crow. Very close to where the crow was stuck was a uncovered high tension wire. So whenever we tried to cut the string the crow would end up struggling a lot which made the string spin around and go dangerously close to the high tension wire.

Finally even after getting on to the JCB the crow was a little beyond the reach of our hands. Hence we joined 2 big sticks and attached a knief to one end and managed to successfully cut the kite string all the while ensuring that the crow or us didnt touch the high tension wire. Then we slowly and steadily removed the kite sting which was tightly wound around the wing of the crow and had actually cut most of the muscle present. The crow also suffered a slight fracture in the wing due to all the srtuggling.

Relieved from his night long struggle, he took his first gulp of water. What a relief it was for us too. He is now under rehab for the broken wing and in about a months time, he will fly free and hopefully stay out of kite stings.

People who fly kites, please be responsible about it.

Another article

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