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 Vanamitra is a Wildlife Conservation Trust with a vision to Involve Common People in Conservation and a special focus on Conservation of Leopards.

Vanamitra’s works in Wildlife conservation are multi dimensional.

They are:

 1. Rescuing wildlife of varied species of Birds, Reptiles and Mammals, from Human conflict situations. Rescued thousands of such wildlife so far and released them back safely in their habitats.

2. Rehabilitating Injured and Orphaned Wildlife of varied species. So far they have rehabilitated hundreds of such helpless wildlife.

3. Educating & Sensitizing people from all walks of life to be Friendly to Nature & Wildlife– This includes Forest department staff, Police Officers, Indo Tibetan Border Protection Force, Home Guards, Villagers, Farmers, Students, Working Adults etc. So far, they have reached out to nearly 20000 people through their programs.

4. Conducted Nature Camps for introducing Youths & Students to our delicate Ecosystems and Sensitize them towards Nature & Wildlife. Collected huge amounts of plastic from within Deep Forest areas left by Tourists and Villagers involving the Youths & Students.

5. Enrolled a village community involving Farmers, Politicians, Students, Teachers, Religious leaders and working adults towards Tree Plantation & Ecological Restoration

6. Promoting Control of Bird Strikes in International Airports through scientific studies and implementation of ecofriendly solutions. They have been trained at the US Airforce base as well as Royal Netherlands Airforce base and certified by the US Government for Airport Wildlife Management.

Special Missions:

7. Stopped considerable Wildlife Trading and Poaching Rackets along with Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, Forest Department, CID Forest Cell as well as Police Departments.

8. Hand raised 5 Orphaned Leopard Cubs from the time they were 10 days old. 12 Leopard Cubs that were separated by people from their Mothers, were reunited back with their mothers.

 Our Mission is to setup a Conservation Model involving Local people, so that it can be replicated across India.

 We are based in Bangalore and are currently working in the states of Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.

 We are recognized by the State Forest Department and the Department of Environment, Ecology and Forests.

 We are recognized by the DGCA and are a member of their National Bird Control Committee.